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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Summer on the Upper Delaware River

It’s been an excellent water year so far and that's resulted in some very good drift boat fishing on the Upper Delaware. The Main Stem, West Branch, and East Branch have had high cold water flows providing excellent all day fishing opportunities.

Blue Quills, Hendricksons, caddis flies, March Browns, grey fox, green, and brown drakes, and golden stone flies have been on the trout’s menu. As we come into summer, Isonychia, aka slate drakes, Cahills, and blue wing olives will play a major role in the trout's diet. Time of day can become critical in determining your success. To help you maximize your time on the water we have several different options available for trout fishing, and to maximize your summertime opportunities we also have a couple of other species we throw into the mix.

Here's what can be in store for your summer fishing fun.

Magic Hour Dry Fly Fishing
This Summer we're once again offering a Magic Hour evening float trip where you can try your hand on twilight fishing for the Delaware’s famed wild rainbow trout. This 3 to 4 hour
float trip begins with meeting us around 6:00 PM and fishing until dark from the safety and comfort of a drift boat. Catch the excitement of evening spinner falls for just $250 for one or two anglers.

Our Full Day guided trip for up to 2 people is still available for $425. A five hour Half Day’s trip is $325.

Sunrise Half Day 
Start your day at daybreak and enjoy the sights and sounds of the river awakening. Early morning sippers eating their breakfast from the film or aggressive meat eaters willing to chase down a streamer with a smashing grab, you never know which way the day will start. It's cool just being there.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing on the Upper Delaware River

Field and Stream Magazine names the Upper Delaware as one of the top five smallmouth bass Rivers in the US - July 2007

The number one reason you should fish for smallmouth bass with us is because it's just downright fun! Perfect for the novice or expert.

On spin tackle or on a fly rod the smallmouth is inch for inch and pound for pound, the sportiest fish in freshwater. As soon as they're hooked a smallmouth lets off with an exciting series of runs and jumps, fighting against the rod and giving the impression that it's a far bigger fish than it is.

Our Full Day guided Smallmouth trips are for up to 2 people, 8+ hours, snacks, soft drinks, and lunch included. 

Fly Fish for Carp! 

The ubiquitous common carp provides summertime sight fishing opportunities for a challenging and strong fighting fish.

Spooky and nervous, it takes a perfectly presented fly for a feeding carp to take interest, but once he does, watch out, for it's game on with a hard fighter that can put your tackle to the test.

Once introduced to this fascinating fish many fly anglers quickly become obsessed with the both the challenge and quarry. Don't be a fish snob, come find a new obsession with us!

Evening to Midnight Mousing for Brown Trout

One thing we've learned over the years is that it doesn't pay to stay up all night. The best carnivore activity happens from dusk to somewhere between 11 PM and midnight, and then again for a brief period just before dawn. This is definitely not for the faint of heart or the beginner fly fisher. Swimming a mouse pattern through the darkness is truly an adventure that requires solid casting skills. 

When your line gets tight with the slurp of a big brown trout you'll be hooked on fly fishing the cooler summer nights! Our favorite pattern is Cermele's Master Splinter, a simple, easy to tie fly that gives a realistic silhouette that brown trout find hard to resist. It's easy to cast too making the darkness game that much less complicated.

Check out if this might be for you: Mousing the Upper Delaware and then give us a call to schedule your date.

  Call us today and get your summer fishing fun together!

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Capt. Joe Demalderis
2010 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide of the Year