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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Orvis Saltwater Helios 10 wt.

Last Fall I fished a Helios 10 weight in the salt for stripers, bluefish and false albacore. The rod performed beautifully. It's light weight, lighter than many five weights, made casting all day long very easy. Casting this rod is distance made easy.

The wind didn't matter as this rod generated tight loops and line speed to slice through the up to twenty knot winds we encountered. I have to admit that initially I had some reservations about the fish fighting ability of such a light rod. That concern was put to rest after the first fish was hooked. This rod is no light weight, it just doesn't weigh much. With the drag cranked down the rods backbone and muscle were put to the test on big North Carolina false albacore and New Jersey's chopper blues and striped bass.

The five weight Helios spent a whole season with me on trout and smallmouth bass. Scroll down to read about that rod.

Smallmouth Bass

From late June through October the smallmouth bass fishing really turns on in parts of the Upper Delaware. Last July this fishery was placed on Field & Stream magazine's top five list of smallmouth rivers. The section of river I fish is not just loaded with bass, but it's among the most scenic in the system.

Each year this fishery is becoming more and more popular with my clients, so if you've never done it and would like to give it a try call or email me. I'm sure you'll get hooked just like the fish! FlyFishTheDelaware.com

Summer Trout Fishing

Last year we saw some excellent sulfur hatches. With the higher flows this past winter there should be some excellent summer hatches again this season. No anchor ice and bank to bank water in the river means high nymph survival rates not just for the Spring hatches, but for the Summer hatches too.

Now is the time to make plans for this coming season. Drop me an email at crosscurrent@optonline.net or visit www.FlyFishTheDelaware.com

Upper Delaware Current Conditions & Forecast

Upper Delaware Current Conditions & Forecast

The Upper Delaware reservoirs are currently at more than 100% of capacity. Couple that with the remaining snow pack in the higher elevations and the typical spring rains that have yet to come and we should be looking at some normal to above normal river flows for this Spring. The river remained higher than normal all winter due to scheduled water releases form NYC and rain and snow fall. With no anchor ice, it should mean some better than decent bug hatches and a high fish survival rate. The brown trout also had to have had an excellent spawning season with a higher than usual redd survival rate.

Monday, March 03, 2008

America's Sportsmen Take Aim at Congress:

Global Warming Threatens Hunting, Fishing Traditions

More than 670 Groups From All 50 States Call for Cap-and-Trade Climate Legislation To Protect America's Wildlife Legacy

Washington, DC (February 12) – More than 670 hunting and fishing organizations from all 50 states, representing the millions of Americans who share America's sporting tradition, are urging their U.S. Senators and Representatives to target global warming with strong climate legislation.

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Learn more about global warming at targetglobalwarming.org