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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Executive Director wanted by river conservation group

Friends of the Upper Delaware River, a nonprofit conservation group based in Hancock, N.Y., is looking for an Executive Director to lead the organization in its efforts to protect, preserve and enhance the ecosystem and cold-water fishery of the Upper Delaware River System. Click here for full job description and how to apply

Monday, July 23, 2012

Feds give Connecticut River salmon restoration program the hook

After 45 years of trying to restore Atlantic salmon to the Connecticut River the US Fish & Wildlife Service is throwing in the towel. This hatchery supported program has seen about 100 million salmon smolts stocked into the Connecticut River basin with a very low return rate that doesn't justify the continued expense of the stocking program.

The Fish & Wildlife Service plan on redirecting their efforts and staff  to continue restoring other imperiled Connecticut River anadromous fish like the American shad, shortnose sturgeon, river herring, and the American eel.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Orvis to Sell Tenkara USA Products

San Francisco based company Tenkara USA announced that Orvis, industry leader in fly-fishing equipment, will start carrying Tenkara USA’s rods, line and flies and helping promote the Japanese method of fly-fishing called tenkara.

Tenkara is a very simple method of fly-fishing, which uses only a rod, line and fly (no reel). The line is tied directly to the end of the rod, and while the casting technique is similar to Western fly-fishing it is also easier to learn.

Tenkara USA was founded in 2009 by Daniel Galhardo and is the first company to introduce and promote the method and equipment for tenkara outside of Japan. Since its introduction, tenkara has developed a passionate following and growing popularity in the US, Canada and throughout Europe.

Galhardo thinks this partnership with the 156-year old Orvis company represents a huge milestone for the sport.  “Tenkara has generated a lot of heated debate within the fly-fishing community over the last couple of years. Having a well-established fly-fishing company like Orvis embrace the method and promote it to its customers is an irrefutable validation of tenkara”, said Galhardo.

Orvis contacted Tenkara USA in early 2012 expressing interest in their products.  Galhardo says, “The trust a large company like Orvis is putting on Tenkara USA based on the quality they saw in our equipment speaks to our worldwide leadership on tenkara”.

Tom Rosenbauer, Director of Marketing at Orvis, sees a potential for tenkara to remove many of the typical barriers to entry new fly anglers experience. “Tenkara can be a great way for people to get introduced to fly-fishing.  Eliminating the reel and line handling removes a lot of the complexities of the sport, and the ability to get a drag-free float on pocket water makes it easy for novices to grasp this concept.  Plus, it’s inexpensive and the tackle is simple and not intimidating”, said Rosenbauer.

Rosenbauer added that tenkara is not only a refreshing forte into fly-fishing for westerners, but also a good way to introduce children to the sport.  “Tenkara is something fun and new (actually hardly new, but new to Americans) to try for fishing smaller trout streams and panfish ponds.  It’s simple and brings you back to the essence of fly-fishing.  I know I will be teaching my 7-year-old how to fly fish with a Tenkara rod on a local bluegill pond.”

Tenkara USA’s current product lineup includes six rod models, and a couple of different lines, and four fly patterns specifically designed for tenkara. Orvis will initially be offering one of Tenkara USA’s most popular rods, the 12-foot long Iwana model, along with the tenkara lines and flies designed specifically for tenkara.  The tenkara gear is now available on Orvis’ website. 

About Tenkara USA
Tenkara USA is a fully independent, US-based company. Founded in 2009 by Daniel W. Galhardo, Tenkara USA is the first company in the US fully dedicated to bringing the Japanese method of fly-fishing, tenkara, to those in pursuit of a simpler and more effective way to fly-fish.  For more information, visit www.tenkarausa.com. 

About OrvisIn 1856, Charles Orvis founded the Orvis Company in Manchester, Vermont, offering the finest fly-fishing equipment, and priding himself on customer satisfaction and service. Today, along with their world famous fly-fishing gear, Orvis offers distinctive clothing, home furnishings, gifts, and dog products. They are the longest-running mail order business in the United States.  For more information, visit Orvis.com.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer on the Upper Delaware River

Summer Trout Fishing on the Upper Delaware River

It’s been an excellent water year so far and that's resulted in some very good fishing on the Upper Delaware. The Main Stem trout fishing has been holding up nicely and the West Branch has excellent cold water flows providing excellent all day fishing opportunities too.

Sulfurs, Olives, Slate Drakes (as many Delaware fly fishers call, Isos), and Cahills have been on the trout’s menu offering some wonderful late evening fishing. This has prompted us to offer a new float trip package for as long as these conditions hold together.

This Summer, join us for a Magic Hour evening float trip where you can try your hand on twilight fishing for the Delaware’s famed wild rainbow trout. This 3 to 4 hour float trip begins with meeting us around 6:00 PM and fishing until dark from the safety and comfort of a drift boat. Catch the excitement of evening spinner falls for just $250 for one or two anglers.

Our Full Day guided trip for up to 2 people is still available for $425. A five hour Half Day’s trip is $325.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing on the Upper Delaware River

Field & Stream Magazine names the Upper Delaware as one of the top five smallmouth bass Rivers in the US - July 2007

The number one reason you should fish for smallmouth bass with us is because it's just downright fun! Perfect for the novice or expert.
008On spin tackle or on a fly rod the smallmouth is inch for inch and pound for pound, the sportiest fish in freshwater. As soon as they're hooked a smallmouth lets off with an exciting series of runs and jumps, fighting against the rod and giving the impression that it's a far bigger fish than it is.

Our Full Day guided Smallmouth trips are for up to 2 people, 8+ hours, snacks, soft drinks, and lunch included.

Call us today and get in on the fun!

914-475-6779 or 607-241-7000

Capt. Joe Demalderis
2010 Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Guide of the Year

Saturday, July 07, 2012

American Rivers launches The Anglers Fund, to connect anglers with river conservation

A new initiative launched by American Rivers, the nation’s leading river conservation organization, is engaging anglers across the country in the effort to protect and restore rivers.

Healthy rivers and clean water are essential to healthy fish and good fishing. The Anglers Fund supports American Rivers’ work to improve river health and fishing by removing obsolete dams, improving operations of existing dams, and safeguarding rivers with Wild and Scenic designations. Members of The Anglers Fund contribute $1000 or more annually.

“Anglers have a unique and powerful connection to rivers. Whether casting to steelhead in the Pacific Northwest, cutthroat trout in the Rockies, Atlantic salmon in Maine, stripers in the Chesapeake Bay, or smallmouth bass in the Southeast, the beauty and magic of each fishing experience begins with healthy rivers,” said Bob Irvin, president of American Rivers.

Recent successes for river and fish conservation spearheaded by American Rivers include the removal of dams on Washington’s Elwha and White Salmon rivers, Maine’s Penobscot River, and Maryland’s Patapsco River, along with Wild and Scenic designations for 400 miles of the Snake River and its tributaries surrounding Jackson, Wyoming.  Additional successes have come in the form of hundreds of dams removed in the Northeast, hundreds of miles of improved fish habitat from reformed dam operations in the Southeast, and over 100 miles of habitat restored for steelhead and salmon in California.

Anglers Fund members receive a variety of benefits including exclusive opportunities to join American Rivers conservation experts on special fishing excursions, as well as briefings on fisheries conservation work.
Donations can be made by phone, using a major credit card (call American Rivers at 877-347-7550); by mail (send contribution to: American Rivers Anglers Fund, 1101 14th Street NW, Suite 1400, Washington DC, 20005); or securely online at www.AmericanRivers.org/AnglersFund.

American Rivers is the leading organization working to protect and restore the nation’s rivers and streams. Rivers connect us to each other, nature, and future generations. Since 1973, American Rivers has fought to preserve these connections, helping protect and restore more than 150,000 miles of rivers through advocacy efforts, on-the-ground projects, and the annual release of America’s Most Endangered Rivers®.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, American Rivers has offices across the country and more than 100,000 supporters, members, and volunteers nationwide. Visit www.americanrivers.org, www.facebook.com/americanrivers and www.twitter.com/americanrivers.