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Sunday, December 05, 2010

The New "Text" Book on Fish & Game Violations

Several states have rewritten the "text" book on reporting fish and game violations with the introduction of anonymous text messaging.  Now anyone can anonymously and quietly drop a dime on violators via the service provided by Tip411.  Officials are hoping more people will get involved leading to better policing of our resources.

Currently, Washington, Wisconsin and Alabama are some of the states that have signed on with the service provided by CitizenObserver of St. Paul, MN.  This service also includes social networking features that allow subscribers to post important information quickly and automatically to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and others.  Specific groups can also be created and immediately contacted via this service.  Groups like watch groups, specific business or industry groups or any group the user finds useful.

But the primary focus is the ability for anyone with a cell phone to quietly and anonymously text violations that can be immediately responded to.  It also has a web based feature so people can easily access the subscribing agency's website or Facebook page and report suspicious activity and violations.

Text messaging has become the communication method of choice among many people, especially among the younger age groups and Tip411 encourages more people to participate in protecting our to often abused resources.

If your state doesn't already subscribe to this service, forward this article along to them so you can also enjoy the added benefits of "text" book protection.