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Friday, December 17, 2010

Is This Koi Just Being Coy...

 ...or is it just another Photoshopped internet legend?

This showed up around the web back in September and just recently resurfaced in my inbox. When it was first reported by the U.K.'s Daily Mail  it was touted as one of the biggest of its kind.  The estimated 30 lb goldfish (koi) was caught and released by Raphael Biagini in a lake in southern France.  Now the buzz that I'm reading is that the fish is a fake, well at least the catch.  No one has offered any real proof that it's not real but the speculation continues...

Check out the photo and draw your own conclusions.  Me? Well, I find it hard to believe an angler would overestimate the size of his catch or hold a fish for a picture in such a way to make it look larger than it is.
Raphael Biagini's carp even has his own Facebook page!  Now that doesn't seem like he's being coy to me.