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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mustad Hook to be Swallowed

O. Mustad & Sons, the famous family owned Norwegian hook and tackle company is reported to be soon taken over by another Norwegian company, the privately owned  independent investment company NLI Development.  Rumors have been flying around for awhile that Mustad was being sold and speculation pointed to Pure Fishing and Rapala as the likely buyers but this news squashes that theory. 

The Mustad Hook Company traces its roots back over 175 years when they got their start making nails on a small farm in Norway and in 1871 added fish hooks to their product line. Today their slogan boasts they are the "best selling hooks on the planet".

In 1996 Mustad purchased the famous and respected UK hook company, Partridge of Redditch.  Now Mustad finds itself about to be swallowed by the Norwegian investment giant, NLI Development.

Once again, the big fish eats the little fish.

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