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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Sustainable Seafood Information via FishPhone

If you'd like to know what seafood choices are good ones when you're in a restaurant or at the market this iPhone app from Blue Ocean Institute does all that plus more.  It's a free app so there's really no excuse not to have it.  Just go to the iTune Store for your free download. Maybe you need a suggestion on which wine would be a good choice or maybe you just need a good seafood recipe. This app will do that too.

You don't have an iPhone?  Well no problem there.  I don't have one either but you can still get valuable sustainable seafood information sent to your cell phone.  Just text 30644 with the message FISH and the name of the fish in question and Blue Ocean Institute will text you back their assessment of the fish and if there are environmental concerns with the fish you're questioning they will offer some alternative choices for you to consider.

The FishPhone texting service is made possible through the support of the Waitt Foundation and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.

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