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Monday, January 31, 2011

Trout in the Classromm

New Jersey's successful Trout in the Classroom is a partnership between the New Jersey DEP Division of Fish & Wildlife and Trout Unlimited.  This program is currently in 111 schools around the Garden State with more than 14,00 participating students.

Through a science-based educational program students learn about cold-water conservation by hatching and then rearing brook trout from eggs provided by NJ DEP Division of Fish & Wildlife with learning materials and curriculum provided by Trout Unlimited, the nations leader in cold-water conservation.

The enthusiasm this program develops among students not only teaches them about the biology of aquatic life but also instills a conservation ethic. There are also applications in science, social studies, fine arts, mathematics and language arts, and the program is unique in that it allows teachers to tailor the program to fit their own curricular.

According to the NJ DEP Division of Fish & Wildife, the initial set up of this program currently costs $1,200 with an annual operation cost of $50. A little hard to believe, but even if it's double that, it's still a very inexpensive program that spawns big benefits.

Check out the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife's website for more information and details: http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/tic.htm  and the official "NJ Trout in the Classroom"  site at: http://www.njtroutintheclassroom.org/