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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

North Carolina Striped Bass Atrocity

January 15, 2011 marked the opening of the North Carolina commercial striped bass fishery and also the needless death to thousands of striped bass that are under the states 28 inch minimum size.

In order to increase profits, some commercial fishermen cull smaller fish hoping to fill their 50 fish limit with nothing but large striped bass.  Many of these smaller dead fish are reported to be larger than the 28 inch minimum.

The US Coast Guard has cited several vessels for having more than their limit, but unfortunately the way the law is written it seems nothing can be done to end the culling that is resulting in the massive die off of mostly sub-legal fish.  A Striped Bass Reporting Hotline to turn in poachers has been established by the Coast Guard at 757-398-6598. 

Here's a video on Youtube that shows the carnage that is taking place. The only good news at the moment is the season is scheduled to end on January 20th.

More information can be found on the Examiner.com, Charlotte, NC local news.