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Friday, November 05, 2010

Hey, What Kind of Fish Is This?

Thanks to the International Game Fish Association's (IGFA) new iPhone app that features a fish ID description and color photo of every game species, you'll now know what that unrecognizable critter is hanging on the end of your line. The descriptions include extensive reference material from the IGFA including thorough habitat information, geographic distribution and fish anatomy.  The IGFA are the folks who maintain the record books for all tackle, line class, and fly tackle records for just about everything that has fins.

This app will also let you know if the fish you caught qualifies for a record, along with the rules so you'll know if your catch counts.  The IGFA didn't leave out the fly rodder's either, listing the rules for that tackle and game too.  There's even a feature with directions to get you to the closest official weigh station to get your record catch certified.  There's more too, check it out with the IGFA

If you have an iPhone you already use your phone for more than making calls, so now you can add a fishing related feature to wow your fishing buddies after you search the IGFA database and find that you qualify for a record.  Or you can just use it to kill time during the next meeting or seminar you're forced into attending. By the way it's only 9 bucks from the IGFA