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Friday, November 05, 2010

Fifty Dollar Nippers

“These modern nippers are total departure from traditional line cutters which are usually just an adaptation of old fashioned nail clippers . . . just the kind of creative, Twenty First Century thinking anglers expect from Abel,” said Don R. Swanson, president.

Yep,  Abel has re-invented the line nipper. The Abel Nipper is 1-3/4" long, 3/4" wide and tapering to 1/2" wide at the jaws.  It weighs seven-tenths (0.7) of an ounce.  A needle used to clean hook eyes is integrated into the jaws.  It'll cut line from 7X all the way to 100lb test which is good because that's what nippers are supposed to do. They look just like a nipper too, so there won't be any problems recognizing them.

For your $50 you not only get a nipper, but your nipper has replaceable blades that Abel will replace for free during the first three years.  After that it's $10 to get replacements, that is if you don't loose the nippers by then.  If you want to add fish graphics to your nippers double the price to $100.  Pretty cool.  I can't wait to find a pair of these along the stream bank.