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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fence Out The Carp

The risk of a flood that could allow Asian carp to enter Lake Erie through the Maumee River in Toledo, Ohio has prompted a fence to be erected across the Eagle Marsh near Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The connection here is that the marsh could provide a link between the Maumee River and the already carp invaded Wabash River system.

Normally, the Wabash River and the Maumee River run in opposite directions, but the high water from flooding can allow the two drainages to come together and mix in the Eagle Marsh

The US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Fish and Wildlife Service provided most of the funding for this nearly 1,200 foot long chain link fence.  It is supported by 120 concrete barriers plus 120 posts.  Should the Asian carp make their way to Lake Erie biologists fear they could threaten a $7 billion a year fishing industry.

It should be noted that this fence is only a temporary barrier as work is still being done on a design of a permanent barrier to keep the carp out of the marsh.