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Monday, October 11, 2010

Cover Your Studs

Studded wading boots provide better traction on slippery stream bottoms but have the pesky habit of ruining boat decks, float planes, motel rooms and any other place a fisherman walks.

Enter Over Boot Stud Covers  from Orvis Rod & Tackle. 

These nifty boot covers are designed to slip over your wading boots without having to bend over.  I see them as the "Crocs" of wading boots.  Having a pair of these on your next fishing trip will keep the lodge owner happy, not to mention the fly shop owners and fishing guides whose floors and decks you'll save from marring.  They're also a a good way to store studded boots to keep your wader duffel and luggage from being ruined.

Goofy looking?  Absolutely!  But what about waders isn't?