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Friday, April 05, 2013

Pennsylvania is Looking for Fisheries Biologists

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) is seeking individuals interested in a career as a fisheries biologist.

The PFBC currently has one vacancy each for a Fisheries Biologist 1, Fisheries Biologist 2 and Fisheries Biologist 3 in Centre County.

Interested individuals have until Sept. 21 to submit a job application with the State Civil Service Commission, which opened the Fisheries Biologist exam on March 20. Applications must be received or postmarked by Sept. 21. The announcement and exam will be suspended after that date.

Nature of work:

Fisheries Biologist 1 - Work in fisheries research or fisheries management for the PFBC. Conduct studies in fish pathology, fish culture, water chemistry, and fish nutrition; conduct stream and impoundment surveys; compile, analyze, and report technical data used to recommend ways to preserve and enhance the aquatic resources.  Assist state and federal agencies in establishing water quality criteria, conservation education, and joint resource management.

Fisheries Biologist 2 - Perform work described for the Fisheries Biologist 1 level, but with a greater degree of independence, responsibility, and technical proficiency.  Serve as an agency representative on various committees and projects.

Fisheries Biologist 3 - Supervise fisheries management or fisheries research; design, coordinate, oversee, and participate in surveys and scientific studies; analyze collected data and prepare technical reports containing specific conclusions and recommendations.  May serve as an agency representative on various committees and projects; respond to inquiries from professionals, government agencies, special interest groups, and the general public; and develop and conduct workshops, training sessions, and presentations.

How to apply:

Please use the link below to view the test announcement for this position. Scroll to the heading “Engineering and Environmental Control.”
Interested individuals can print the civil service application from the following location:
For general employment information, visit the State Civil Service Commission’s website at www.scsc.state.pa.us.
PFBC Human Resources

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