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Saturday, December 22, 2012

NJ Black Sea Bass Regulations Changed for 2013

New Jersey announced changes to the black sea bass regulations for 2013.

The new sea bass regs, which will cover both state and federal water call for a season from January 1 through February 28 with a size limit of 12 1/2 inches and a 15 fish possession limit.  

The current sea bass season is split up throughout the year, May 19 - Sept.3 Sept.23 - Oct.14 Nov.1 - Dec.31 and has a 25 fish possession limit with a 12 1/2 inch size limit.

What's not clear in their announcement is if these regulations are instead of the current regs above or if it's an add on.  As NJ says,  "all new regulations will be announced on the division website and via the NJ Marine Fishing E-mail List when they are determined" So I guess it's still a wait & see.

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