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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Fly Fishing Show and the Clean Angling Coalition Partner to Spread the Message on Inspect, Clean and Dry.

A key partnership between the Fly Fishing Show, worlds largest fly fishing consumer show and the Clean Angling Coalition aims to bring the Inspect, Clean and Dry message to the winter show season.  Aquatic invasive species threaten our fisheries resources and cleaning gear is one of the best tools we have in preventing the spread of these harmful species.  The Fly Fishing Show will be educating anglers on cleaning to prevent the spread of invasive species at its seven venues across the US with the use of the Clean Angling brand and Inspect, Clean and Dry message.

 “It is important that our industry stands together in educating anglers on the importance of cleaning their gear,” says Ben Furimsky, Co-Director of The Fly Fishing Show.  "We are thrilled to be part of the Clean Angling Coalition and sharing the message of Inspect, Clean and Dry. Our commitment is to protecting the fly industry from the impacts of invasive species.” 

The angling community has a keen awareness about invasive species, unfortunately invaders continue to spread. We must teach all anglers to clean so they can help prevent the introduction of invasive species. When anglers repeatedly hear the importance of cleaning gear from trusted industry leaders, this creates a positive momentum for all anglers to take action. 

“The Fly Fishing Show brings strength to the Coalition,” says Leah Elwell Clean Angling Coalition Program Manager. “This is a great opportunity to reach tens of thousands of anglers on cleaning at the largest fly fishing consumer show.” 

The Clean Angling Coalition is a program of the Invasive Species Action Network. The mission of Invasive Species Action Network (ISAN) is to reduce the human-caused spread of invasive species by promoting voluntary behavior change. ISAN programs focus on creating and implementing practical solutions for people, and providing educational resources.  ISAN is a 501c3 non-profit conservation organization based in Livingston, MT. For more information visit www.cleanangling.org

The Fly Fishing Show is the world’s largest consumer fly fishing show featuring new industry products, educational venues and celebrity showcases.  The Fly Fishing Show hosts their event in seven locations across the US including Somerset, PA and Pleasanton, CA.  For more information visit http://www.flyfishingshow.com/

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