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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Vermont Bans Felt Soles for Wading

Vermont joins several other states in banning felt soles in its battle against aquatic invasive species.  The Ban is effective April 1, 2011.  Vermont's trout season opens on April 9th, so anglers across the state will be wearing alternative waders and wading boots like those offered by Vermont fly fishing tackle company, Orvis

With at least six rivers already infected with didymo and the whirling disease pathogen identified in at least one other, Vermont Fish & Wildlife is taking this invasive species threat seriously and doing what it can to help slow or prevent the spread of these aquatic nuisances.

But it's important to note that banning felt soles alone will not solve the problem.  It's necessary for anglers, boaters and other recreational and commercial waterway users to clean and disinfect theeir equipment each time its exposed to the water.

Vermont's Fish & Wildlife Department provides these directions on their website for cleaning and disinfecting your gear: http://www.vtfishandwildlife.com/felt_disinfecting.cfm

Hopefully other states will follow the lead Vermont and others have set in banning felt soles and bringing the danger of invasive species to the forefront.  Cleaning your gear each time you use it is sure to be an inconvenience to many anglers at first, but after a short time will become a needed habit to safeguard and protect the environment.

A minor inconvenience for a major battle.

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