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Friday, September 03, 2010

Fly Fishing iPhone Application

Fly fishing went high tech sometime ago with the introduction of the first fly fishing web forum and message board.  But that's at home or at the office technology. What we now have available is on the water applications that fit inside your iPhone.  Very neat stuff.

Whether it's good or bad doesn't matter because it's here.  By far the best is the Orvis iPhone Fly Fishing App. And you have to admit it's pretty cool!  I might have to get an iPhone just so I can play around with this app.

Some people will complain about taking this technology streamside and how it will disturb the peace & serenity of the sport, but let's face it, people have been carrying their cell phones on the water for quite some time now.  For many of us our cell phone brings a level of safety in the event of a serious injury and more than one poacher has been nailed because someone had a cell phone along. 

This app replaces the knot tying booklets that many people carry in their fishing vests with a much more user friendly guide that includes not just directions, but animations.  Talk about useful, it's like having someone else show you how to do it while you're on the water, but you don't have to have someone else with you.  Now, that's hardly destroying any peace & serenity. It's plain old pretty slick!

The Orvis iPhone App will be more useful off the water than on with its multitude of features including real-time fishing reports for hundreds of fisheries including water flows, tide charts, hot flies and more. A fly casting feature will show you how to correct the top casting mistakes and also teach the basic casts; great for those new to the game or veterans who could use a little rust knocked off.

This is the most useful fishing app available and I'm sure it will see more use at home, on the commute to work (maybe even at work) and at your local fishing club meetings (...wanna learn how to tie a Bimini Twist?).

This app contains some of the best fly fishing geeks & gurus giving you step by step instructions and on time pertinent information.  So if you have to have the latest & greatest apps in your iPhone, this is one you don't want to miss.