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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Problem of Invasive Species

There's been much written, but seemingly not enough done about the invasive species problem that faces us.  Thought of by many to be a localized problem on specific waterways the invasive species problem is in actuality a global issue.

It's not just whether or not we bring invasive species to our home water, but also whether we carry species to other waterways.  Species, plants, organisms and animals that are harmless natives to us can rapidly become an invasive nightmare for someplace else.

More information on how you can make a difference can be found at the  Clean Angling Coalition and Protect Your Waters which is sponsored by the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the US Coast Guard.

Industry leaders have come together to individually and collectively do what they can to help fight this battle.  Tim Daughton of the Orvis Company is featured in this YouTube video on Tips For Stopping The Spread of Invasive Species