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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hydros Fly Rods

Orvis Rod & Tackle has done it again! After the very successful introduction of the Helios rods a couple of years ago the Orvis Company has taken the same graphite and scrim technologies and applied them to the new Hydros series of fly rods. It looks like they took the jewelry off the Prince and came out with a rod that is just about every bit as good as a Helios. Just a lot less bling.

What are some of the differences? The Hydros rods don't have the cool Recoil guides of the Helios nor does it come in a sexy woven graphite rod tube. The rod is in your basic Codura covered tube and the hardware on the rods are more in line with other companies premium rod lines.

What did this do? Well, first it made the Hydros rods the second lightest fly rods made (the lightest rod is still the Hydros' rich uncle, the Helios). And they did this at a price point that's lower than other premium rods. If you're in the market for a new rod you should give this rod a try.

Am I going to replace my Helios rods with this rod? Of course not. But the next rod I buy that I know is going to get banged around in the boat and generally used very hard is likely to be a Hydros.

The Hydros was Winner of the Midcurrent.com 2009 Best of Show award and is already being manufactured from 3 weights to 12 weights, in all the same configurations as the Helios except for the switch rods. I already see myself using the 8'6' or 9' 5 & 6wt and the 9' 9 & 10wt as my standard boat rods. The 10' 7wt should make a sweet steelhead rod on the Great Lakes Tributaries. And I already know what my next 12wt is going to be.

A light rod that casts well, fishes well, is built tough and costs less is a good thing.