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Saturday, July 11, 2009

What a Cool Fishing Season

Fishing has remained good to excellent with some of the best summer hatches I've seen on the main stem in a long time. Stenos & Isonychias have been the bug du jour with fish on the duns and spinners.

With continued wet weather and higher flows than what we've seen in years, this spring like summer action could continue as long as the weather remains cool. This month's night temperatures have been in the forties to mid fifties, a definite help in keeping the water temperatures cool. The West & East Branches have also fished well with sulfur hatches in full swing.

Technical trout fishing on the Delaware and its branches gets seasoned with flat out fun light tackle and fly fishing for smallmouth bass further down river. This combination will continue into mid October along with the excitement of saltwater fishing that should go well into November. I'm really looking forward to the variety the rest of the season has to offer.