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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Some NY Stream Gauges to be Spared

At least eight United States Geologic Survey stream gauges of the fifty on the hit list to be discontinued are going to be kept operational. These USGS gauges were slated to be shut off due to New York City's budget crisis. NYC provided funding for them.

Important for flood prediction, one of the saved gauges is the 105 year old Port Jervis, NY gauge on the Delaware River. The eight saved gauges will be funded by the USGS with federal money.

Nine other stream gauges will also be spared for at last one year thanks to joint funding between several state and federal agencies. According to the USGS, all gauges used on the Delaware River by the National Weather Service will be kept operational, except the Callicoon, NY guage, which the USGS is still working to keep from closing.

Due to outrage by public officials, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection had previously agreed to keep two other stream gauges open, one in Delaware County and one in Ulster County.